Cadbury website usability testing

An evaluation of Cadbury’s website was carried out to investigate problems with the homepage and chocolate personalisation pages.

The specific brief was:

  1. to investigate the high bounce rate on the Cadbury homepage
  2. to investigate Cadbury’s two similar chocolate personalisation methods
  3. to provide appropriate measures of usability and user experience for benchmarking purposes

In response to this, I decided that usability testing (evaluation with users) – the ‘gold standard’ – was the best way to achieve these aims. The final deliverables were a comprehensive evaluation report, and a client-facing presentation.

Tabulated findings (sample)
Tabulated findings (sample)

Participants were recruited from a diverse demographic, and user testing was carried out. Users were given tasks to achieve and encouraged to use the ‘think-aloud’ protocol. All audio, video and on-screen data was recorded for subsequent analysis; I acted as moderator during the testing. At the end of the sessions, questionnaires were handed out.

All usability issues were tabulated and ranked according to severity. Questionnaire data indicated the overall user experience. Specific recommendations were then made for improvements.